Nicole's Story

Office Manager

For Nicole’s Story, I will refer to my first blog post, ever.  It was published:  November, 2010

The birth of a “Mom-trepreneur”    

How did I arrive at this point in my life? This is the question that I have been asking myself for several months now, since I decided to move forward with this venture! One year ago, I was a PE paraprofessional in my local elementary school, nervously anticipating my teaching internship which was to start in January. I dearly loved my job. It was ideal, personally, because both of my children were students at the school, and a huge chunk of my social circle were part of the faculty and staff.  Professionally, I discovered early on that I  LOVED working with the students, and to this day, I miss their smiling faces, their eagerness, and the deep sense of fulfillment I felt as I watched them achieve their goals. However, I dreaded my internship…it was going to be at a different school and I knew, intuitively, that teaching “in the classroom” was not my passion. Despite my reservations, my internship was successful, I graduated with honors and am now fully certified to teach in Elementary School K-6 and Physical Education K-12. This had been my goal for the previous 6 years, which is why my next move was so ironic…

The tides in the field of teaching were turning, had been for several years. A few “bad apples” in the media gave our entire profession, which in my opinion is THE most noble, a black eye. Year after year, brutal budget slash after another, teachers themselves were now struggling to fund their own classrooms, as resources were dwindling, while simultaneously being buried under new rules and restrictions. The aforementioned teachers were the “lucky ones” who didn’t get cut. To say that we all felt the tension on campus ratchet up a notch would’ve been an understatement. When the time came for me to seek a job, I just couldn’t make myself do it.

Many, many moons ago, I went to culinary school, and I had a special interest in pastry and baking. As it turns out, I had even more of a special interest in a particular Pastry Chef. We married, had two kids and I spent the next several years happily raising our children and supporting his career, which had really started to take off! I didn’t actually go back to work, until my PE job that I started when my oldest daughter, went to kindergarten.

Opening our own shop, had been a dream on and off over the years, but we never had the time or the resources to do it. After my graduation, I spent a very introspective summer weighing my career options. While I will always have a “teacher’s heart”, the bureaucratic oppression and the ever present fear of “more cuts” made me want to run far away. So, I made the decision to take a sharp right turn and JUMP!

In 2011, we opened “David Ramirez Chocolates”, and that’s how I became a “mom-trepreneur”.